Shell Colour: Blue Sparkle
Cabinet Colour: Grey

AquaTubs 300 (13amp/32amp)


The AquaTubs 300 is a powerful 13Amp or 32Amp round hot tub with a luxurious high-quality shell design seating up to 6 people on a 2-level bench.

Always the forefront of spa technology, Therapy Spas have enhanced the image of the AquaTubs 300 circular hot tub to give it a stunning contemporary look. The result is unique blend of high-performance, functionality and style. Being in control of the manufacture of all our hot tubs gives us total control of the quality. So you have total peace of mind that you are buying a high-quality hot tub produced to strict standards. Features a 2HP boost pump plus a quiet filtration pump.

£4995 plus delivery 

Special Features Include

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